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Northern Sea Route

and its impact on global trade

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6 November 2017

International experts present ten-point memorandum on tackling climate change ahead of UN Climate Change Conference

A ten-point memorandum defines key global challenges for the coming years and calls upon state and non-governmental actors to accelerate their efforts to tackle climate change. More

6 November 2017

Two thirds of major emitting countries not on track to reach their climate targets

A new study concludes that 16 out of 25 analysed countries and regions are not on track to achieve the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) targets they have set for themselves on greenhouse gas emissions.  More

31 October 2017

Climate change policy depends on how we value future wellbeing

Should policymakers be aiming to increase the number of people that are happy or the average happiness regardless of population size? However we choose to value the wellbeing of future generations, a smaller population could save tens of billions of dollars annually on climate change prevention policies.  More

27 October 2017

Switch from wood to gas for cooking is not a climate problem

Switching from using fuelwood to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for cooking would provide modest climate benefits, but the extent of these depend on whether the wood is renewably sourced, and if the short-lived emissions from burning wood are taken into account, according to a new analysis focused on India. More

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